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Help this dear soul dearest God, and help all who struggle with despair, so we can feel your holy love through all the darkness and pain that exists now on the Earth. Speak to this beautiful soul to let her or him know that you are present, and they are loved, and that there is a way through this with Your divine help. World Blessings has a new e-mail support called Meditations on Hope and Transformation. I know its people out there similar or worse than mine but I? Thanks you for all your blessings that you have given me, especially my sons love.

These are beautiful meditations which you can receive each day into your e-mail that can help support your inner connection with God. m running out of options and the only thing I have left of any value is my laptop and the title to my 1993 Buick. I wish there was such of thing call a money tree because if there was I? m willing to do whatever it takes to get the money for my education. so I can pay the school off so I can register for fall semester in January. I know that they aren't being taken care of as they should. In Jesus' name Amen Dear God, I am in desperate need of your guidance and your blessing both for financial help and to spiritually comfort me where human can't help. Teach me to wait on you lord and understand that my timing is not your timing.

Then I just wrote "God help me", and there it was...messages to God from all over America. Please, my Dear God, give those people all the things that will make them better and happy and loving to their relatives, friends and neighbors; a house, a passionate job, a great and compassionate friend, a loving husband or wife, happy children, good health, great slim bodies for all Americans. This is the third time this has happened in my relationships. Amen I'm so confused about my career..i have an ambition but my parents just don't let me do any thing for myself.they want from me is to just do what they ask me to do.. Dear God, It has been so hard for me and my family since my grandfather suddenly passed away last week. I hope he somehow heard the things I told him when he was in a coma at the hospital. Lord God, Lord Jesus, I am struggling to carry my cross more than ever.In the light of everyone else's problems and the grand scheme of things, it's not so important. Dear GOd, the contemplation of taking my life is strong in my heart and mind.My heart is heavy and I keep praying for strength and love. I feel as if the world is closing in on me and death is my only way of ending this pain that has plagued my life. Dearest most holy God, please help these beautiful souls here, and especially pour out your blessings to your dearest child who is feeling hopeless and thinking about ending the life that you have given. Dearest friends, These are very difficult times and many people are feeling despair over situations that continue to be painful and difficult.Today I woke up and I did not have the energy even to pray. Then why do I have to be alone for over 40 years and I can't meet my soul mate and desperately longing to live in the place that I am dreaming for so long? Try to trust that this is such a time of preparation for you.I looked at the computer and thought, "Will God hear me if I send him a message." I felt so weird. You gave me a job and a place to live so far..now I don't have a job for a few weeks... I like to have a job and be able to live in the place that I wanted for so long... Please lead me into the blessed land and give me a chance to glorify you by doing your work... Continue to hope for love and know that God sees your loneliness.

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