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The MAME project as a whole is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, 2 (GPL-2.0), since it contains code made available under multiple GPL-compatible licenses.A great majority of files (over 90% including core files) are under the BSD-3-Clause License and we would encourage new contributors to distribute files under this license.The source code to MAME serves as this documentation.The fact that the software is usable serves primarily to validate the accuracy of the documentation (how else can you prove that you have recreated the hardware faithfully? Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus.I do have a problem with using Boost with Open CV and Eigen libraries, though... MAME's purpose is to preserve decades of software history.The second part was solved by setting the variable BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION to 3 everywhere (the error above complains about incompatibility with what is set in file ).Although this is not the default option for Boost 1.45 that I'm using, it's the only thing that works (i.e. So now I have version 3 of the filesystem library, and version 2 for all others, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for the moment.

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But you can build bjam by hand without the bootstrap script: Step into the tools\build\v2\engine\src directory and call "mingw". You can then put it in your %PATH% or perhaps in the root boost directory...

To be honest, I usually build bjam like this with the msvc compiler and use this "msvc-bjam" to build my mingw boost libraries. the first part of the problem was solved by Andre's suggestion.

First of all, running results in the following error: Building Boost. Trying to compile only Filesystem, specifying version 2 with gcc.compile.c bin.v2\libs\filesystem\build\gcc-mingw-4.5.2\debug\v3\src\operations.o In file included from ./boost/filesystem/v3/operations.hpp:24:0, from libs\filesystem\v3\src\operations.cpp:48: ./boost/filesystem/v3/config.hpp:16:5: error: #error Compiling Filesystem version 3 file with BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION defined !

Jam build engine 'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. = 3 libs\filesystem\v3\src\operations.cpp:6: warning: '::create_symbolic_link_api' defined but not used "g " -ftemplate-depth-128 -O0 -fno-inline -Wall -g -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 - DBOOST_FILESYSTEM_DYN_LINK=1 -DBOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION=2 -DBOOST_SYSTEM_DYN_LINK=1 - I"." -c -o "bin.v2\libs\filesystem\build\gcc-mingw-4.5.2\debug\v3\src\operations.o" "libs\filesystem\v3\src\operations.cpp" The bootstrap script assumes the msvc compiler is available.

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