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He was one of the greatest British artists of the past century - but as a brilliant new biography reveals, Lucian Freud had a personal life as colourful as it was turbulent.

On Saturday, our first extract told how his sexual magnetism helped him seduce as many as 500 lovers.

‘I had no idea that they existed, or who their mothers were.

At the time, I hadn’t understood that you have the right to be angry with your parents, so I felt that I couldn’t be angry.

Other times, he would just chuck a blanket over me where I lay and let me sleep until breakfast.’Now aged 29, he has a West Country accent and his father’s narrow face and inquisitive, darting eyes. It was just terrible.’Lucian, she realised, was closer to some of his children than others — and she found that hard to bear.

In 1961, for example, he fathered three children (Bella, Isobel and Lucy) by three different women.Today, we reveal how those affairs gave rise to up to 30 children - some damaged for life by the father whose love they hungered for ... Lucian lived alone, so it had never crossed her mind that she and her younger sister, Annabel — his only legitimate offspring from his marriage to artist Kitty Garman — might have siblings.Ali, she learned, was one of four children Lucian had fathered with Suzy Boyt, a student he’d met at the Slade school of art in the Fifties.Titled Rose, the painting shows her lying back on a sofa, with her legs apart.‘I can remember getting undressed, lying down on the sofa and shielding my eyes from the very bright bulb that was hanging from the ceiling.

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This was condemned by some people as immoral, but Lucian didn’t care: he viewed objections as bourgeois, the fruit of people’s own twisted minds.

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