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When a magazine nominates poems, it may not nominate poems by people on its masthead or its former staff.Undergraduate literary journals are not eligible to make nominations.Eligible programs must be state-accredited graduate-level writing programs/departments that offer an MFA, MA, or Ph D degree in creative writing or poetry writing (or offer a graduate English degree with a concentration in creative writing or poetry writing).Schools that offer multiple graduate poetry degrees should nominate only two poets total.Fees help produce the anthology and fund a 0 Jay Prefontaine Heartland Fiction Prize, to be awarded to a story of exceptional power.All contributors will receive two complimentary copies and a 50% discount on additional copies.

If you are not sure if your magazine qualifies , write us.

Poets who attended 1-2 week workshops or retreats with the editors remain eligible.

In February 2017, we emailed links to eligible writing programs and magazines for them to make nominations. Magazines can nominate two poems from their recent publications.

When submitting stories, please remember to include the following for each: 1) Story Title; 2) Author Name; New Stories from the Midwest 2018 will present twenty of the best published short stories that 1) are set in the Midwest, or 2) address the region in part or in whole, or 3) were written by writers who reside or formerly resided in one of the following twelve states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. We do not intend to create a collection that presents our region as possessing a singular style or narrow range of content.

This partial list of additional notable Nebraska poets includes poetry faculty at the major Nebraska universities and a few intriguing historical figures.

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The column features accessible poems from across the nation.

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