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This was their most busy time of the year and as a new supervisor, he was not replaceable.

Hey, maybe he didn't make the kind of money that Julie made, but he was doing pretty well. It meant a healthy car payment, but he could afford it. The first weekend she was gone they talked on the phone every night. She was not coming home the next day as he had expected.

Shortly after that 'moment', she was gone, the club was closing and Jacob went home alone. Several women were inside but nobody screamed or told him to leave.

The redhead led Jacob into one of the stalls and closed the door. There were three videos and they had all three on their phones.

The three of them were a great team and virtually inseparable.

Everybody knew them at the local night clubs, and in a good way.

In about three months, they would start seriously looking for a place for them.Before he could even reach his pants and pull them up, he had to figure out the knot and get the belt untied. He took out his phone with the thoughts of calling her - it would be morning there- then he saw there was a text blinking. Clearly, she knew and she was figuring out what to do. It contained the engagement ring he had given to Julie. By Tuesday the video trio had received over a million hits. He still tried to text and call her, but to no avail. He was getting a lot of friend requests, but they were mostly from people who had figured out that it was him in the video and who were more than a little weird themselves. After three weeks his boss called him in to "talk".Unfortunately she had not closed the stall door when she had left and several girls were now assembled there giggling, and - oh no - snapping pictures or video with their phones. He decided all he could do was wait until she was ready to talk to him - if that day ever came. Even though the conduct in the videos had occurred on his own time, Jacob's boss deemed it to undermine Jacob's ability to be a supervisor. He was fearful that he would not be allowed in any club, but the bouncer gave him the "I will be watching you" look and then accepted his cover charge.Through it all, she continued to pull on the belt around his neck. It was a picture of the redhead straddling Jacob on the lounge from the night before, the two of them clearly engaged in a deep very erotic kiss. If someone had sent that, there was no doubt in his mind that what happened tonight was already on its way to Julie, if not there already. He hoped he could get to her before she learned about tonight. His roommates were enjoying this, but Jacob was miserable. He tried calling Julie a few more times - voicemail.He could have easily loosened her grip but both of his hands were under her dress holding on to her buttocks. Leaned forward and gave him a peck of a kiss on the lips then jumped back off him smoothing down her dress before she disappeared out the stall door and then the door of the bathroom. He wasn't even sure what he was going to say other than how sorry he was.

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