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It suggests that the act of uploading a CAD file onto a 3D printing platform may be tantamount to a disclosure for the purposes of triggering unregistered design protection, and for appraising the state of the prior art.It also argues that, when measuring the individual character requirement, the notion of “informed user” and “the designer’s degree of freedom” may need to be reconsidered in the future.Furthermore, online platforms dedicated to the dissemination of CAD files (“digital-design-file-sharing”) have grown in popularity.These platforms have contributed to the creation of a communication infrastructure that is a powerful tool for co-creation.The following part touches on the exceptions to design protection, with a special focus on the repairs clause set forth in Article 110 CDR.The concluding part explores different measures that may be implemented to prohibit the unauthorised creation and sharing of CAD files embedding design-protected products.At a second stage, CAD files need to be processed, in order to become printable.

A number of open-source software tools are freely available online.To this end, it begins with an inquiry into the concepts of “design” and “product”, set forth in Article 3 of the Community Design Regulation No. Then, it considers the EUIPO’s practice of accepting 3D digital representations of designs.The enquiry goes on to illustrate the implications that the making of a CAD file available online might have.A CAD file can be saved in different formats, such as the format (“STereo Lithography”) or the format (“Additive Manufacturing Format”).The format merely describes the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object as a set of triangular faces, whereas the format is an XML-based format inclusive of information about the volumetric structure of the interior, composition, colour, geometry and material.

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