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On the day that Bailey gets married, Arizona finaly forgives Callie.Everything is going good for Callie and Arizona until the season 9 finale.In the end of season 7 episode 12 Arizona begs Callie for a second chance, Callie tells her she is pregnant with Marks baby leaving Arizona shocked.They end up being back together in the next episode.In season 7 episode 10 Arizona returns, saying she returned because she missed Callie, but without saying anything Callie closes the door on her.Arizona keeps trying to get Callie back, without luck.Arizona thinks that Callie was the one that cut it off, betraying her trust.

I love working with Ellen and Jesse and Sarah and Caterina and insert all the names of our cast there. Do we get more of the Arizona-Webber wingman thing this season?[] And he comes in and it’s his sister and his roommate, which of course has got to be incredibly awkward. In life, nobody has the same relationship, even though you’re the same person who has a relationship with everyone. And honestly, I don’t think any of the writers are like sitting around waiting for fans to react and then write something new, but I think that it becomes very obvious what’s working and what’s not. But now I think, from what comes next, her actions show that she’s ready to have copious amounts of fun. I would love to see Arizona in a situation with some sort of LGBT youth, and not necessarily like mentoring, but just seeing that aspect of her, vis-à-vis not being a teacher to a doctor, but perhaps being a model for another human and seeing how that plays out.I also think it plays for the comedy of it because De Luca, he only knows Arizona in a certain way, and all of a sudden there she is. But I think that this one, she’s Italian, there’s like an English-as-a-first-language sort of romance to it. Now that we have introduced the sister, I think it would be really funny to see more of the Arizona-De Luca home life. Well, it’s steamy until Andrew De Luca (Giacomo Gianniotti) walks in and discovers his roomie hooking up with his sister. Worse for Andrew: Carina is an OBGYN who has come to Seattle to work on her trial to basically create the female Viagra. Well, listen, this is where truth is not stranger than fiction and where art and real life cross-section because Arizona learns a term that I too, as Jessica, learned that you can be, as a verb, ghosted.She has women masturbate in an MRI machine so she can study the female orgasm. It’s actually kind of hot for Arizona, though, as evidenced in the premiere. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Arizona hooked up with De Luca’s sister. You can be left in the dust with no goodbye, nothing, ghosted.

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