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Following the bloody rampage, Tanya and her three younger siblings miraculously clung to life after sustaining multiple hammer blows to their heads.

Sadly, Tanya’s mother lay dead in an attack that was intended to murder the whole family.

Upon their arrival, they encountered 44-year-old Carlos Alberto Amarillo waiting patiently in the street, Bible in hand. He reported to the dispatcher that he had “assassinated” two females inside the home.

As police entered the master bedroom, they found Estrella lying on a bed with a pillow over her face.

Anyone who dared to speak out against Jammeh’s unpredictable exploits inexplicably disappeared, creating a climate of fear across the nation.

On a cold January night in 2014, police officers in New York were called to the residence of Estrella Castaneda.

Lina’s body was discovered on the floor in a rear bedroom.

Then he beat her to death with a stick, pausing briefly when her husband arrived home.

At that moment, the mysterious intruder viciously attacked the unsuspecting husband before fleeing the scene of the crime in the remote mountainous village of Guadalupe del Cobre.

Eleven years passed before Santiago Iniguez Olivares was brought to justice.

Believing the murder had been forgotten, Olivares, then 78, returned to the sleepy town in western Mexico, only to be arrested while walking to a bus station.

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