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That number will nearly double to billion over the next 10 years if changes aren’t made.But New York technology companies are diving into this problem and others, and have some promising solutions.Unfortunately, there aren’t any tricks to selling software, and there aren’t any ways to trick your partner into a relationship.

OK, maybe the analogy isn’t 100 percent applicable.

When you’re selling software, you’re presenting at conferences, running webinars, cold-calling prospects and doing anything you can to get them into the funnel.

When you’re dating, you’re reaching out via online dating sites, asking your friends to introduce you to their friends and even approaching people in public places if you’re brazen enough.

The dating analogy has applied to countless situations with prospective clients over the course of my five-plus years selling software.

For example, I remember a client several years ago where we had engaged in an extended pilot (which felt like dating over the span of several months), but then we quoted them a price for full deployment and they balked (like suggesting that we stay in and watch sports every weekend).

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In broader terms, let me break down the distinct sales stages that closely resemble the courting process.

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