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By defining slaves as animals and then abusing them horribly the American slave system degraded both black people and animals.

By equating black people to animals it both asserted the superiority of humans to animals, arrayed some humans (black people) as closer to animals and therefore less human, and implied that all subjugated persons and all animals could be used and abused at the will of those who were more powerful.

We may laugh at his failures, but the show plays to ethnic and national stereotypes of animal abuse in order to get those laughs.

As one Huffington Post columnist put it, “it’s funny on a TV show because it is depraved…

Animals are bred, abused, starved, and mistreated so as to produce heightened levels of aggression and pathology.

Defenders of animal fighting often argue from either a cultural relativist position or from a property rights position.

In the aftermath of the Vick and Grant cases, Melissa Harris-Perry, Associate Professor of Politics and African-American Studies at Princeton, discussed the legacy of racism in the United States and the intersections with animal rights: Recall that North American slavery of the 17th and 18th century is distinguished by its “chattel” element.

Internationally, however, cockfighting continues to be legal in many countries with varying degrees of public opposition.Cockfighting In cockfighting two roosters are placed in a ring and made to fight until one cannot continue.According to the ASPCA, “the roosters often wear knives or artificial gaffs—long, sharp, dagger-like attachments—that transform their natural spurs into knives for maximum injury.” These injuries can include punctured lungs and lacerated eyes; the violence is so severe that the losing rooster often dies as a result.“Dogs used in these events,” writes the Humane Society, “often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection hours or even days after the fight.” Pitt Bull Terriers have been the breed primarily associated with the blood sport and an unfortunate side-effect has been the criminalization of the breed itself.The stigma falsely attached to Pitt Bull Terriers has led to breed specific laws which unfairly target innocent animals.

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While cockfighting has a history dating back thousands of years, today it is part of an underground economy in the United States.

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  1. England's final group game and potential crunch match with Belgium will take place in Kaliningrad, Russia's Baltic exclave and the tournament's most westerly venue. Sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, Russia's westernmost city feels a little more European than other parts of the country, which will make British fans feel right at home.

  2. Some 9.2million people enjoyed the first episode last week, and millions more tuned in to watch the daily lives of animals in the great mountain ranges - some of the planet's most spectacular landscapes, but unforgiving places which allow only a few animals to survive what it takes to live at extreme altitude.