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Approximately 40 to 60 per cent of conjoined twins arrive stillborn, while around 35 per cent survive only one day.

The overall survival rate of conjoined twins is between five and 25 per cent.

I very much hope that we can agree this between ourselves and enter into a 'Parental Responsibility Agreement', which will give me equal parental responsibility for [child name] with yourself.

I want us to work together as parents for [child name] sake and make decisions about[his/her] future together, [regardless of the fact that we are no longer in a relationship].

His relationship with his partner has ended 3 months ago.

They tried a reconcilliation but it was unsuccessful. We don't know an exact date as his ex-partner has refused to tell him.

The agreement will take effect when it is recorded at the court in London.[I have enclosed the information leaflet I picked up from the local court for your information and record.]I look forward to hearing from you shortly, so that we might go to court to have our signatures witnessed and the parental responsibility agreement can take effect.[I would also note that if you do not agree to us entering into a parental responsibility agreement, I plan to make an application to the court for a Parental Responsibility Order, which I am fully entitled to do as [child name] parent.

I hope that it does not come to this, and that we are able to move forwards amicably.]Yours sincerely,[Father's signature][Father's name] Check out the Separated Dads Forum...

Separation surgery success depends on where the twins are joined.He wants to be a good father and to support his child emotionally, physically and financially.His ex-partner has cut all means of contacting her.The surgery began at 4am on Tuesday and involved paediatric surgeons, anaesthetists and orthopaedic surgeons, among others doctors.Seven of the hospital's operating theatres were shut down so the team could fully focus on the surgery.

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