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Revista Científica Multidisciplinar PLURALIDADE Número 3, 2014 EDITOR-CHEFE Dr.

Odmir Andrade Aguiar (Fundação Plural, São Vicente, SP - Brasil) EDITOR-ASSISTENTE Dr.

2 2 2.1 The Hydrodynamic Questions The hydraulics of a sudden flow through Hudson Strait into the Labrador Sea is examined given the bathymetry of Hudson Strait and the high outflow rate.

As indicated in Figure 1, there is a difference in elevation in the water level between Lake Agazziz into Hudson Bay of about 200 meters.

Ronald Stewart (Projeto Exo-Scope, Gonzalez, TX - EUA) EDITORES ASSOCIADOS Dr. Marcos Paulo Bogossian (Ministério dos Transportes, Brasília, DF - Brasil) Esp. July, 2013 Abstract: The oceanic and atmospheric conditions during major climate change events including the Younger Dryas Event in Hudson Strait, the Heinrich Event in the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Antarctic Atmosphere circulation are re-examined from a Geodynamic view and related to very recent research and observations.

Luciana Sacramento Aguiar (Fundação Plural, São Vicente, SP - Brasil) Dr. Walter Trentadue (Colégio Harper, Brodhead, WI - EUA) 1 Copyright c Fundação Plural, 2014 Capa: Carregamento de soja no Porto de Paranaguá, foto publicitária da Administração dos Portos de Paranaguá e Antonina (APPA) disponível na Internet em: Preparação, Revisão e Editoração: Conselho Editorial, utilizando L A TEX Revista Científica Multidisciplinar PLURALIDADE ISSN CONTATOS: Editor-Chefe Odmir Andrade Aguiar, Diretora de Arte e Programação Juliana Sacramento Aguiar, 2014 Todos os direitos de publicação desta obra reservados à FUNDAÇÃO PLURAL, Prefixo Editorial Av. The three Events are based on using the elementary hydrodynamic and transport model applied in a previous ISAP paper to the Bay of Fundy.

2 Hudson Strait Hudson Strait is relative to the last ice age in Figure 1.

1 Introduction A recent paper by Stewart [16] on the earths glaciers referenced the work of Firestone [9], as showing that an extraterrestrial event resulted in the Younger Dryas Cold Event which is also associated with the change in glacial melting and refreezing that took place through Hudson Strait Carlson [4].

A presentation by Barber [12] on Hienrich Events in the North Atlantic suggested that the jury is still out if climate is involved, but glaciological nuances are important.

The top layer varies in thickness over time in response to the inflows to the water body as determined by the known hydrodynamic relationships.

The interpolated bathymetry and shape of the waterbody as seen by the model for the specified grid resolution is shown in Figure 4.

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