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  2. Hello everyone, so am having fun with a scammer, well he thinks I am in love with him, but really how can a person fall in love with someone that is not real?? When I told him I could hear children he said he was watching a movie!!! Oh and the same phrases like, did you sleep well, where are you and what are you up to, and my favorite, hugs and kisses for you. Ladies, if you will go to Facebook and in the search type in the word "scam" and all sorts of sites show up that are on Facebook. Yes the Scammers themselves can see it as well but they can also come on this site and see what we are writing about them. I am thinking if we are posting the photos they are using on the Facebook sites and our stories, they will know exactly who we are. These guys and the women that work with them as mules, or bank agents, or pretend daughters, are just as disgusting as they are. This is cry cry cry James Edmund DOB 12/9/1978, mechanical engineer, said was Dutch, said lived in the US but moved to UK a month ago but worked on oil rig in Miami for two weeks at that time when we met on Tinder, seems to have stolen identity of a real mechanical engineer based in the UK called James Edmund Talbot DOB August 1978, permanent residence UK - available on google information provided by Companies House.

  3. I den nye Mcdonalds reklame, er der en sang som jeg ikke kan f ud af hovedet. Jeg synes melodien lyder virkelig flot, og ville meget gerne finde ud af hvad den hedder :) Ansvarlig firma: Projekt catwalk. Jeg leder efter sangen/nynneren de bruger i den nye reklame der er fra viasat omkring deres viasat hd box og hun nynner sdan ahha ah ah oohh ahhaa ooh ah ah aha ooh eller i den dur... Ved sgu ikke helt hvad han synger, men tror det er noget med "bla bla want you to staaaay". Er der nogen der kan fortlle mig navnet p den sang der spilles p enten tv3/tv3 ? der er en kommentator der snakker i baggrunden, jeg mener det er claus starter ud med en stortromme og skifter over til lidt guitar spil.p forhnd tak for hjlpen Ansvarlig firma: TV 3 . Hej jeg ville hre om der ikke var nogen der kendte den sang der bliver spillet i den ny "Brian Nielsen VS. Jeg snakker om den der bliver spillet n Brian Nielsen er p, det vil sige lige efter Evander Holyfield siger "Brian Who?!