Are eddie redmayne and hannah bagshawe still dating

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is a cold, manipulative woman who is obsessed with her public image.

Every step she does is planned out in advance and fits in her long term plan.

Paparazzi are a rare sight in England as it is, let alone if you're outside London. I could totally believe the two of these together -- both so very twee and EXTRA -- but why the fuck are we seeing pictures of them visiting his mom???? And why does his mom look happy about this nonsense????

Love this comment from DMSeriously, who gets pictured in Suffolk?

R22, just to add on that my point was that if he ISN'T gay or his female fan base don't believe he is gay, then their confusion as to why a 35 year old guy would be interested in a 26 year old blonde who happens to be very attractive, very famous, very wealthy and very successful only makes me think of that William Shatner skit on SNL.

My brother works in London theatre and told me long ago that Hiddleston is gay but deeply ashamed about it.

Tom not getting Bond will be like his fellow Etonian Cameron not winning the Referendum. Tom's posh peers Eddie and Benedict will continue their steady progress, while he'll have the embarrassing back story of a failed PR campaign to live with; plus Swifty and her people will know all the goods on Tom. Oh yes, how shocking that a guy in the entertainment business would be attracted to that young woman, plus the added bonus of his own fame going up. He's supposed to be with some dowdy Tumblr girl who writes fanfiction about sex but has never actually had it herself.

Calvin rarely popped up at tour venues, to keep the gossip away. Her narrative is that she was bullied as a kid so her parents had her home schooled, and she has always had the "get even" perspective, as well as being a kid who lied and manipulated other people for attention. Add to that the $$$$ resources and PR team whose job is to keep her in the public eye & making money, and there it is.

Always keep some 'insurance' in case she needed it.

Bet she keeps tabs on all her guys.)By convincing the public she was in a stable, long term relationship, actually the longest one she's ever had by all accounts, she could also continue a marketing strategy as the cool girl with cool friends who were fashion models.

So IMO it's Taylor who is the lesbian, but her some of her boyfriends may be completely straight. Harry Styles could really tell a tale or two about Taylor. Taylor is scary because if you're part of the music industry she can ruin you. Any mystery and sexiness around Tom H has been ruined for me.

Notice how all pics, until these, have been Tom with Taylor's friends, Tom at Taylor's house, Tom on Taylor's plane - come on Tom, be a man! Jesus, after all this I sure hope he doesn't get the James Bond gig and he gets so angry that he rips Taylor and her public image a new one.

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